Here you can find my design portfolio, a collection of UI design, illustrations and corportate identities projects.

Jino App

Jino app is a concept of a Twitter client app for iPhone.


XOTO is a game I’ve worked on with my developer friend Tawa Nicolas. XOTO is a reboot of the popular Tic Tac Toe game for iPhone, it features online multiplayer gameplay, and advanced game strategies.


DeviantAPP is an unofficial application for iPhone that allows you to browse artworks, sign in, manage the message center, connect with fellow deviants, and submit artworks right from your iOS device.


Ebba is a game I’ve worked on with my developer friend Tawa Nicolas. It’s a game where you have to balance the motorcycle on its back wheel and get the farthest possible.


Beardmoji is a stickers app for iMessage on iOS. It allows users to share creative and funny bearded emoji stickers on iMessage.

Christmas Stickers

Christmas stickers allows you to share heartwarming christmas-themed stickers to your friends and family on iMessage from your iOS devices.

Buoy Stickz

Buoy Sticks is an animated sticker pack for iMessage about a little boy that cannot sit still!


A few examples of corporate logos I’ve done.
For more information about logos and corporate identities please contact me on the “about” page.

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